California: Clint Eastwood to make movie of French jihadi attack

Hollywood director Clint Eastwood is to make a film based on an attack by Islamist Ayoub El Khazzani on a train travelling between Brussels and Paris in 2015.

The story will focus on the passengers who stopped the jihadi attack …

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Bowling Green Park: Fearless Girl statue violates artist’s legal rights

Charging Bull versus Fearless Girl

The Italian-American sculptor of the Charging Bull statue, in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street, despite being a “guerilla” artist who flaunts the rules also likes to invoke the rules. When it comes to promoting …

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Texas: Truck driver in Baptist church bus crash released from hospital

Jack Dillon Young, the man named as the driver of a Dodge pickup truck that crashed into a church bus last week in rural Texas, killing 13 elderly people, has been released from hospital in San Antonio where he was …

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Texas Bus Crash: Only surviving church bus passenger recovering

The only surviving bus passenger in last week’s horror road accident in Uvalde County, Texas has been sent to a rehabilitation hospital, medical officials confirmed on Wednesday.

Rose Mary Harris, aged 64, was taken to San Antonio Military Medical in …

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Texas: Witness in Baptist church bus crash says truck driver was texting

A witness, has spoken to US media, about the driver of a Dodge pickup truck that collided with a church bus in rural Texas, killing 13 elderly people on Wednesday. The witness claimed that the truck driver admitted he had …

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